Dolphins Swim School

Dolphins Swim School

Now you can swim all year round with ongoing swim lessons at Champions Fitness Center! At Champions we offer swim classes for every age and every level. Confidence begins with every stroke!

Tiny Tots – Ages 3-5

  1. Sing “welcome song” to get to know each other.
  2. Play “Simon says” on steps.
  3. Learn to “scoop and kick.”

Throw 3 toys each- swim with grown up to “save” the toys, put on kickboard, all kick back.

  1. Learn how to blow bubbles.
  2. Learn how to float and turn from front to back.
  3. Play red light/green light to learn how to kick.

· With grown ups, use kickboards and pick around the pool
· Play “save your life, learn how to safely get out of the pool
· Jumping and some fun time

  1. Underwater “balloon faces.”
  2. Learn underwater arms.
  3. Play a game like “wheels on the bus.”
  4. Dive for treasure, start with bubbles then swim in.

· Possible have parents wear shirts children push off the wall, swim underwater to parent
· Play “bucket head”
· Learn to glide – front and back when ready
· Big circle – swim from grown up to grown up under water
· Popcorn – with balls
· Tread on small noodle
· Possible bobbing
· When ready – have child swim from parent to steps and retrieve a toy

Adaptive Swimming- Disabled Children

· Self-directive services (s.d.s) offers parents with special needs funding for services of their choosing. Parents choose the supports and services that are best for their child.

The office for people with developmental or direct link to self-direction services area at NY Metro parents’ site.
· Homeschool programs – Goldfish swim school (480) 680-2323
· Homeschool sports
· Family Times Newsletter

Dolphins Aquatics

  1. Water Babies (parent/child) ages 6 months and up.
  2. Tiny Tots – preschool age children who are comfortable in the water, ages 3-5. Learning basic skills; scoops, kicks, bubbles, floats, submerging face, etc. (parent/child).
  3. Level 1– still adding strokes but combining endurance. Usually focuses on free style, backstroke, and learning beginner kicks for lever 3 strokes.
  4. Level 3 – huge jump in level of endurance from level 2-3. Really focuses on stroke development, while stressing endurance, kicks are stressed, practiced and corrected vigorously.
  5. Level 4 – the completion of all strokes including the side stroke and butterfly. Stroke/kick improvement is still stressed. Endurance is huge in this class.
  6. All Levels Include Safety Components, i.e. – how to safely get in and out of the pool, how to do “monkey crawls” and the proper way to get out of the pool, self-rescue techniques such as turning over to float, on back, treading water, (up to 2 minutes in level 4, arms only and legs only), survival float, jumping in with clothes.

We also learn how to rescue others without entering the water, discuss safety rules at every class at every level; never hold on to another child in the water, never lean in to get something from the water, parents are educated on drowning.

  1. Level 5 – precompetitive – everything about racing – except the dive.
  2. Adult Learn to Swim
    · Learning the basics, to save your life or someone else’s.
    · Stroke improvement- learning to swim smarter- i.e., for people who want to add lap swimming to the exercise regime.
    · Tri swimming – learning how to swim in a group, panic situations, and how to overcome them, endurance, becoming stronger on your back and your front.
    · Overcoming fear of water.
    · How to snorkel.
    · Children with disabilities – over my career, I have worked with children that are blind, deaf, mentally and/or physically disabled. Nonverbal, autistic, and other diagnoses that make group classes challenging for these swimmers.
  3. Private Lessons – any or all of the above.

Private Swim Lessons

(30-45 Minute Sessions)

5 Pack – $40 each/$200 Total

10 Pack – $35 each/$350 Total

20 Pack – $30 each/$600 Total

Aquatics Director: Lee Mclndoe Forster
Phone: (315) 378-8849