Spin Classes in North  Syracuse

Spin Classes in North Syracuse

What Are Spin Classes?

In simpler terms, spin classes comprise of cycling workout, where the cycling machine is stationery fitted with a flywheel linked to pedals. The flywheel is weighted, so when you pedal the stationed cycle, you perform a high-intensity workout.

The spin classes in North Syracuse are considered the best when it comes to burning calories and increasing endurance.

Spin Classes in North  Syracuse
Spin Classes in North  Syracuse

Why Spin Classes At Champions Fitness?

At Champions Fitness, our trainers try to make the classes more fun and less stressful by pumping in adrenaline rushing music. These classes are so effective that, you’ll end up burning upto 500 calories in just 45 minutes.

Spin classes are loved by the cyclists and the people looking to maintain their fitness level, reasons why our batches get full in no time. We let people cycle in groups; when in a group, a person gives more than their best.

If you don’t feel like working out among people, worry not, for Champions Fitness also provides solo spin classes in Cicero, where you can enjoy one on one conversation and workout sessions with the personal trainer we assign to you.

We staff certified trainers who possess vast experience in providing spinning classes. These trainers guide the aspirants properly in a friendly manner and push them to achieve their goals.

What Do Spin Classes Offer?

At Champions Fitness, the spin classes include different workout sessions.

  • Energetic Dance: A dance to the beat of the music, it helps in burning calories faster and you gradually reach your targeted goal.
  • Discover the athlete within you: With the high intensity cycling, you’ll feel like riding a terrain. The session improves stamina and expands your tolerance level.
  • Cycling with music: This fierce workout session lasts around 45 minutes and it makes you shed over 500 calories.

Interval Workout: A workout ranging from 45 minutes to 60 minutes is scheduled to strengthen your core and upper body area. Trainees learn to maintain and improve their initial speed of cycling. We also push them through extreme sprint training sessions at regular intervals.

Whether you’re a cyclist wanting to ride a marathon or just trying to lose weight, our trainers, through a proper training regimen, will bring the best out of you.

If you too are looking for spin classes in North Syracuse, give us a call now and get enrolled today.